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Re: wear on transmision

Subject: Re: wear on transmision
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 02:59:56 GMT
>The MGB I am rebuilding showes 42,960 miles on the speedometer. The
>bearings, in the transmission, are all in good shape and the gears show very
>little wear. I wonder if the lbc could have only the indicated miles? That
>is very little miles for a 25 year old car.
>RB Sexson [piles of parts]

A lot of times, people will store a car like this for quite a while, or
drive it only in the summer, or leave it in a broken down condition and
"keep meaning" to get back to it, but because it is a second car, never
quite get around to it. Mine is 20 years old and shows 40K miles, and I'm
told it sat for 15 years in the yard without moving. It shows all the signs
of that; surface rust on parts exposed to the weather, but not much on the
underside, and not much wear on the pedals or the seats. Of course the
mileage on yours could be 142K, or someone could have left the speedo cable
broken for several years, or even changed the odometer, but I would look
for wear on things in the interior in order to make a good guess. People
usually don't go to the trouble of changing the pedals or seats unless they
are professional rollback artists, and that type of seller usually deals in
newer high mileage cars.


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