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283 Chev. in MGA

Subject: 283 Chev. in MGA
Date: Sat, 08 May 1999 23:53:18 EDT
Hi everyone,
        I've had a recent idea to build my own car, and I was planning to
put an American V8 (not sure which) on an MGA chassis, retaining the MG
suspension, steering, and interior, and then building my own Morgan-style
bodywork.  I remember hearing about a kit to swap a Chevy 283 V8 into an
MGA.  Does anyone have info on this kit??
Also, I was wondering if it is possible to put 1975-80 MGB brakes into
the MGA.  Help anyone?  Don't worry, I don't plan on using my own car for
this.  I'd try to find one that has a rusted out body, etc. 


Parker Whiteway
57 MGA going back together (if I can remember where I put those darn

PS.  reply direct please.  

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