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hif6 question

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Subject: hif6 question
From: "teds" <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 23:02:33 -0700
a question on the HIF6 carb.

the one I am holding in my hand has 3 ports on the left side, looking at it
from the air cleaner end.

the larger one at the top angled up I believe is the breather, which would
go to the charcoal canister, or I could block it off.

of the other 2 I think the one towards the outside, the bottommost one is
the fuel line.

however the remaining one sort of the one in the middle has nowhere to go, I
don't know what it is. it seems to go to the needle area directly, which
makes me think that a vacuum line of some kind went to it ?

this came off an early 70's austin marina, it is a aud 583.

it has one real interesting bit, it has a strip (original btw), around the
top with one electrical connection, evidently when cold it clicked a relay,
I hope there was a relay, that heated up a little electric coil which heated
the base of the carb up.

anyway if anyone can help me out that would be great. the austin marina
manuals I have do not show this carb in any pictorials.


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