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hints on u-joint cap(s) removal

Subject: hints on u-joint cap(s) removal
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 12:06:06 -0400
Hi all, sunny days gone to waste with my B's drive shaft on the workbench.

The saga of the clunk described in my inquiry of a while ago was explained
by the movement of the u-joint in a random third axis. Shouldn't do that,
should it?

Anyway, as I was removing the rear flange bolts, holding the nut with a box
wrench and the head of the bolt with a socket wrench, I dropped the socket
wrench and my nose reacted promptly and magnificently. My son said, "I
thought that only happened in Jim Carey movies."  Nope.

Seriously, how do I remove the head caps? They seem to be quite stuck. The
rubber washer between the cap and the 'spider" is very soft making a hit
onto the inner side of the cap quite difficult. I've looked in Haynes,
Bentley, and Porter's refurbishing book and all described a similar
procedure which entails tapping on the yolk. When I do that, I hear clangs
but nothing moves. 

Not only that, 7 of the 8 clips came out fairly nicely, but the hooked ends
of the 8th broke off leaving about a semicircle of the clip in place. Am I
correct in assuming I'll be able to get it out when the opposite cap is
removed and I can push down?  Hope so...

My wife said if she knew I'd be fiddling around with the car so much, she
would have let me buy the boat I always wanted. Now that is quite a statement.

TIA as always,


Dr. Bill Saidel 
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