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Re: hints on u-joint cap(s) removal

To: "" <>
Subject: Re: hints on u-joint cap(s) removal
From: G Graham <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 13:20:38 -0400
Hi Bill,

I just replaced the u-joints on my 74B. Basically, you put the yoke/joint in a
vise so that you have access to the inner edge of the cap. Get a steel
chisel/screwdriver up against the edge and gently tap* the cap out. Use a good
penetrating oil (Kroil, PB Blaster) and lots of patience.

If the circlip is stuck you might tap the cap further in to get a little
clearance. Good luck.

*gently tap (as per the manual) really means use a 3 lb hammer and proceed to 
the snot out of it!

Have fun!


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