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droopy rear

To: <>
Subject: droopy rear
From: "Derek" <>
Date: Sun, 9 May 1999 20:15:50 +0100
Think this'll start somthing.

Anyone know if the rear end of a B should droop if the car is jacked round
or near the centre? If so how much?

(mine don't seem to budge, no it is not a GT!)

had fun :-( today  service time... all brakes checked out ok, but leaky
front spax shock.. shot track rod end.. traced coolant leak  :-( under carbs
need new hose, need new front tyres 185/65/15" p600 , V8 maniifolds and
gaskets oh and some servo hose . Anyone got any spare cash they want to
donate?    not long till off to LE MANs again must get B in shape!

Derek Watson
74 B V8 roadster
83 Austin Mini Van

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