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Re: Radiator re-core

To: MG Listserver <>
Subject: Re: Radiator re-core
From: Chris Attias <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 10:41:31 -0700
I had my early radiator re-cored six months ago--got the densest
fins/heaviest duty core I could fit on the header tanks.  Not the OEM
pattern core, though.  Cost about $265 USD.  I probably could have done
better shopping around--I live in a small town, not really that

When I told the shop what the new Moss core cost, they laughed.  Their
response was "you get what you pay for" , which is probably true.  The last
"bargain radiator" I bought from a parts store (for a '70 Ford Maverick I
was driving in college) developed cracked tubes within a year--cheap,
brittle brass.

So far, the new one runs at proper temp all the time.  I'm waiting for a
really hot day to take it up into the hills and give it a real test.

Chris Attias
Santa Cruz, CA
'64 MGB

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