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repair/parts bay area

Subject: repair/parts bay area
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 02:50:07 EDT
For what it''s worth department regarding bay area repairs: In spite of the 
name, Triumphs Only in San Jose has MG stuff and expertise. 

British Automotive Service in Palo Alto comes well recommended, and they help 
support my club newsletter via advertising.

Also consider a friend of mine in Hayward happens to be a very good wrench 
and knows Brit gearboxes better than anyone else I've seen,( in fact I'm 4 
hours away and still will only let him touch my boxes) Duane Carlson,phone 
384-4926. His shop is on A street, but call first. (disclosure: unabashed 
promotion, no profit involved) He does a lot of wholesale work, etc, but also 
wrenches on Brit cars and is a good source for used parts at times. Used to 
own E-14th Street Auto Wreckers & Repair, which was an exclusively Brit shop 
back in the good old days when a rebuilt 3 syncro overdrive was $400 with no 
core charge, but I digress due to old age.

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