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To: "'batans'" <>, mgs <>
Subject: glassbeading
From: "Proudfoot, Andrew" <proudfa@NAVCANADA.CA>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 18:58:00 -0400
Well folks the 77 is still waiting for paint, parts actually, but I had
a friend of mine glassbead my headlamp pots. What a job!!!! Last week I
learned about posi-drives this week its glass bead. I intend to glass
bead the door, bonnet, and trunk latches also.
Question is how do I finish the headlamp pots? Do I prome and then
paint? or just leave as is? What does Clasenger (s?) say? How about the
door latches? I would think they were left a metal finish? If so what do
I use to protect them?
Thanks in advance.
Andy Proudfoot 77B
Gander, Nfld.

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