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Occasional missing in 73 B

Subject: Occasional missing in 73 B
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 09:55:55 +1000
     Anyhow, my B has developed rather an odd behavior.  Two weeks ago I
drove it on about a 200 mile round trip to watch an autocross (the
Integra was on blocks).  On the way home, the car started to kind of
miss.  Very know the sounds in old WWII movies of
airplane engines crapping out?  You get this (the spaces are silence...)

baaaaaaaahhhhhhhh    aaahhhh   aaaaaaahhhhhhhh   aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

And then it would go away for another thirty miles.  It felt loke
someone was in there pulling the wire off the coil occasionally.  It has
no pattern - not related to ambient temperature, engine speed, or


I may be of help here,  I just got back from a great weekend blast (More in
a later post), but on the way home the B started to sound the same, pulled
over had a wuick look under the bonnet, nothing out of place, as i was in
the middle of nowere, pressed on to the next town, the more the car
misbehaved the more i was convinced it was fuel, as when it coughed and
spluttered, nothing else showed any signs of losing power, so I decided I
must have picked up some dirty fuel, fitted a in line fuel filter (Generic
Toyota, Mazda, Ect), and seemed to have solved the probem.

Just my $0.02

Neil (With a Big silly Grin after my Blast down the coast)

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