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RE: Rear Hubs

To: Rick Hopton <>
Subject: RE: Rear Hubs
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 12:26:01 -0700

        On the 68- MGB the rear hub is a taper fit onto the end of the axle.
Sometimes they slide straight off, others times they freeze onto the taper.
If it is frozen a gear puller (rented if necessary) can be used to persuade
the hub off the shaft.  The special tool is not necessary.  Once the hub is
off, the axle and bearing need to be persuaded out of the axle housing.  The
outer bearing race is an interference fit into the axle housing.  A big
slide hammer rigged to work on the axle nut is the easiest way to get the
axle out.  I have tied a chain around the axle end and used a heavy bar in a
loop of the chain, when I did not have a slide hammer. 

        This is one of the jobs on an MGB where having the right tools do
make one heck of a difference.

good luck


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> Subject: Rear Hubs
> I am just after suggestions....
> Is there an way to remove the rear splined hubs from a 69 MGB 
> in the home 
> garage without the special puller??? 
> Do I need to make one?
> The rear wheel bearings are needing replacement after a 
> fabulous drive of 
> 400 miles through Texas last weekend.
> Many thanx
> Rick Hopton
> 1980 MGB
> 1968 Midget

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