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Re: Crown Wheel and Pinion, MGB GT V8

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Subject: Re: Crown Wheel and Pinion, MGB GT V8
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 20:16:01 +0100
Clive Wheatley in the UK regularly supplies these (any many other conversion
parts) all over the world.

Clive Wheatley
The Garage, 2 Chequer Street
Pennfields, Wolverhampton
West Midlands
Tel: (0) (+44) 1902 330489 or (0) (+44) 1902 337294


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Date: 29 April 1999 12:21
Subject: Crown Wheel and Pinion, MGB GT V8

I am currently using the standard 1800 MGB rear axle which I believe has
a crown wheel and pinion ratio of 3.9:1.  Unfortunately this does not
match the installed Rover V8 engine and gearbox which is best suited to
a much higher ratio, say 3.07:1.  Does any know where I can obtain the
original spec MG V8 rear axle crown wheel and pinion for a reasonable
cost (500+ seems a bit steep) . Are there any alternative rear axles
MGC, etc that can be used with modification if I want to retain the MG 4
stud wheels.


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