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Re: Air conditioning

To: Richard D Arnold <>
Subject: Re: Air conditioning
From: Tim Nagy <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 21:55:17 -0700
I'm sure if our little fish did that, some barracuda would swim up and
break her heart and steal the sole of our little damsel...

hmm-baracuda, sole, damsel...only three, gotta start giving this some

ahhh, I got another-

I'm sure if our little angel did that, some barracuda would swim break
her heart, steal the sole, and leave our little damsel flounder-ing.
We'd need a sturgeon to fix her broken heart.

hmm-baracuda, sole, damsel, flounder-ing, sturgeon--still only 4

Richard D Arnold wrote:
> >I wonder? The sole place I could think of would be an up-scale store
> >somewhere.
> >But, if the fish were not too coy, the little angel could just go
> >bra-less for a drive up the pike - and watch the heads snap
> >around..........
> Hmmmm, how many fishie references in this one?
> 1, 2, 3 .... Oh, the halibut.....
> Rich
> Council Bluffs, Iowa
> '74.5 RB MGB "Miss Maggie"
> '78 Chevy Half-Ton "Waltzin' Matilda"  (LBC Support Vehicle)
> '79 Midget "Miss Molly"
>  or

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