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Re: Air conditioning

Subject: Re: Air conditioning
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 17:53:08 EDT
   That poor little angel who's floundering was sure in the wrong plaice.
The barracuda, who stole her sole just for the halibut, shad be drummed
out of the school.   That's such a dogfish thing to do. The Argentine
sturgeon smelt a problem when he was exercising his catfish at sheepshead
bay, NY, when  perched  to aid the little tipsy alewife.  
   Hey,  Menhaden, it's time to cease crabbing about this weakfish and do
more than just offer a dab  of sympathy. Can't we conger something
stronger and stop our pout. Otherwise,  we must all clam up, by cod.

with help from the NMFS agents' field guide

On Fri, 14 May 1999 21:55:17 -0700 Tim Nagy <> writes:
>I'm sure if our little fish did that, some barracuda would swim up and
>break her heart and steal the sole of our little damsel...
>hmm-baracuda, sole, damsel...only three, gotta start giving this some
>ahhh, I got another-
>I'm sure if our little angel did that, some barracuda would swim break
>her heart, steal the sole, and leave our little damsel flounder-ing.
>We'd need a sturgeon to fix her broken heart.
>hmm-baracuda, sole, damsel, flounder-ing, sturgeon--still only 4
>Richard D Arnold wrote:
>> >I wonder? The sole place I could think of would be an up-scale 
>> >somewhere.
>> >But, if the fish were not too coy, the little angel could just go
>> >bra-less for a drive up the pike - and watch the heads snap
>> >around..........
>> Hmmmm, how many fishie references in this one?
>> 1, 2, 3 .... Oh, the halibut.....
>> Rich
>> Council Bluffs, Iowa
>> '74.5 RB MGB "Miss Maggie"
>> '78 Chevy Half-Ton "Waltzin' Matilda"  (LBC Support Vehicle)
>> '79 Midget "Miss Molly"
>>  or

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