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Paint Help!!!

Subject: Paint Help!!!
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 10:36:39 EDT
I posted a question a few weeks ago for which paint is the easiest to use. 
The general feeling is to use lacquer. Now that is almost time to buy the 
paint I find my question was a mute point. I can't buy lacquer!!! So now my 
question is since I know my car was painted with lacquer can I paint enamel 
over it? And what kind of enamel do you suggest ?, considering I am an 
amateur painter. I went out and bought a great air compressor and I am still 
looking for a paint gun. Any suggestions on what kind of gun to buy. I found 
one at sears for about $160, I think its made by devilblis and says it is for 
auto painting but I don't think its was a HVLP gun. The only HVLP guns I 
found were in excess of $250. I thought I read before that they weren't that 
expensive. Help!!!
--Mike Quinn

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