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Re: Paint Help!!!

Subject: Re: Paint Help!!!
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999 11:17:24 -0400 wrote:
> I posted a question a few weeks ago for which paint is the easiest to use.
> The general feeling is to use lacquer. Now that is almost time to buy the
> paint I find my question was a mute point. I can't buy lacquer!!!

There are some companies that sell lacquer paint.  I believe they
advertise in Hemmings. I don't know anything more about that.  

 So now my
> question is since I know my car was painted with lacquer can I paint enamel
> over it? And what kind of enamel do you suggest ?, considering I am an
> amateur painter. 

Acryllic enamel is the one that most people use.  It's cheap and fairly
forgiving.  Given that you were looking at a lacquer paint, I would
suggest that you not use the hardeners, as they tend to give a wet look
to the paint.  Of course, if you spray without a hardener, then you
can't touch the paint for months.  Factor this into your decision.

I went out and bought a great air compressor and I am still
> looking for a paint gun. Any suggestions on what kind of gun to buy. I found
> one at sears for about $160, I think its made by devilblis and says it is for
> auto painting but I don't think its was a HVLP gun. The only HVLP guns I
> found were in excess of $250. I thought I read before that they weren't that
> expensive. Help!!!

If you are planning on spraying a clear coat, which I see as doubtful,
then stay away from the HVLP gun.  They are not very good at shooting
the clear.  Otherwise, the HVLP is a fine choice.  You need to have an
air compressor cabable of supplying copious volumes of air at lower
pressures.  Keep this in mind.  Get to an automotive paint supply store
and ask questions.  They will be able to help.  I think we paid around
$150 for our Devilbliss HVLP gun.  You can get them from or your local store.  I tend to support my local
store when it comes to paint, since they are an invaluable asset if you
run into problems or need advice.

However, if you only plan on painting one car, you may want to consider
a conventional gun.  The conventional gun is good for spraying any type
of paint, and while it is not as efficient as the HVLP, it is perfectly
adequate for painting one car.  HVLP guns save paint when you are
painting multiple cars.

Take care
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