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New MGB (fairly long)

Subject: New MGB (fairly long)
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 17:37:10 EDT
Hello List- I have been an on again-off again subscriber to the list for a 
few years now- I was here for the original Dan Hughes Day a couple of years 
ago. I see some old faces here as well as some new ones. I had a 69 MGB 
Roadster that was diagnosed with terminal cancer by the local MG guru last 
summer, and it was his opinion that the car was just not worth restoring. So 
I cut my losses, sold the car for parts, and started looking for a B with a 
good body (not an easy task here in New England) I re-subscribed to the 
digest several months back and have been in lurk mode ever since, just to see 
what's going on (not owning an MG anymore, I didn't have much to write about!)

Recently, I purchased the MG of my dreams. It is a 1963 MGB Roadster that is 
about 98% restored. I still have a few finishing touches to give it, but it 
is running and drivable. The car was delivered to me from St Louis to NH on 
Tuesday. I have changed the oil, etc.  so I could start on a clean slate, but 
I do still have a few things I have to scope out on it, so I am turning to 
the list for help. First, I have a front brake caliper that is sticking. My 
thought is that the hose to the caliper needs replacing. I figure that I will 
try the low-cost item before I go and get a rebuilt caliper. Second, I think 
I may have a charging problem. I got a brand new battery on Wed. and by 
Friday the car wouldn't turn over. After 1 hour on the charger the car fired 
right up.  I may have inadvertently left something on after the initial ride 
on Wednesday. I disconnected the battery for the weekend so we could use the 
car on the weekend. I will leave it connected for the next few days and see 
how it goes. The car has been changed to neg. ground and has a new wiring 
harness, but something may have been hooked up wrong by the DPO. Any thoughts 
and ideas on these subjects are much appreciated!!
Thanks in advance,
Steve Bartley
Portsmouth NH
1963 MGB Roadster

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