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No gas! Losing power

Subject: No gas! Losing power
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 21:05:47 +0000
On the way to and from that Rally I spoke of, I did have a problem that
driving under 3500 cured: starving for gas!
got onto Rt. 84 west and hit the pedal since it's 65mph. short time
later, smelled gas then felt the engine revs drop as the float
bowls(bowl?) ran out of gas. Foot off gas pedal, car slowed a bit, back
on gas and all is well.Whenever I went over 3500, happened all over
again. Similiar to having a fuel pump go bad but this is a new pump and
if it was the culprit, driving under 3500 still wouldn't have gotten me
home. Something else is afoot, methinks.
any ideas? Have grose jets. Float bowl levels?
Dave Houser

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