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FS: 1966 MGB Roadster (Phila., PA USA)

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Subject: FS: 1966 MGB Roadster (Phila., PA USA)
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 18:21:34 -0400
An ill TR6 now forces me to get rid of this project...

It is just that.  A project.  If you are not willing to spend massive
amounts of time working on the car, it isn't for you.  If you want to part
it, well don't tell me... because it will break my heart even more.

1966 MK1 MGB Roadster - GHN 3L 91162

Body:  Rust, rear fenders and trunk area seem sound.  Boot lid is good.
Front fenders are rusted in the lower portions, the aluminum hood has a hand
dent at the raised part in the front.  It should go without saying that the
sill regions are shot.

Engine:  I had to borrow a set of carbs 3 years ago to get the car started.
It did start and ran strongly.  I returned the carbs with hopes of
rebuilding the engine at that time, and as you can guess I never got around
to it.

Interior:  Practically nothing here.  One seat in shed.  Guages are very
nice, a few are out of the car (as I got them).

Brightwork:  This is the only part of the car that I can write on a positive
note about.  The grill is excellent, and I also popped off the front bumper
and put that in dry storage; the rear bumper is still on the car.

Parts:  I labeled a bunch of loose parts from the car and they are now in
boxes.  Nice spare set of rear tail lights also.

Other:  Has (rusty) wire wheels (four on car, spare in trunk).

Price:  $500

Location: Bristol PA; roughly 30minutes north of Philadelphia.  About 10
minutes from the Bristol I-95 exit.

Reason for selling:  As stated earlier, an ailing TR6 needs attention as it
is my daily driver.

I would like the car go to someone who would take the time to restore it
(and I may be persuaded to lower my asking price more if someone says they
will).  However, I do realize it isn't an ideal restoration project anymore
and is most likely worth more in parts (I will not part the car out).

Conditions for selling:  Really none.  You arrange shipping (if needed).

Contact:  myself (Kai Radicke)
215.269.3344 weekdays between 3pm and 9pm EST (or leave a message)

I will be available all day Tuesday (anytime after 6 am).


Kai Radicke --
1966 MGB -- 1974 Triumph TR6

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