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Body rotisserie

Subject: Body rotisserie
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 21:15:05 EDT
Hey all...
   I'm looking to buy/build a body rotator for my MG Pinninfarina Magnette Mk 
III.  I want to bee able to turn it upside down, remove all the underbody 
sealer, weld it up, etc.  I've seen versions that turn the car only part way 
around, for about $500 assembled... But I want one that turns all the way 
around and I could maybe build myself for less.... Anyone have a magazine 
with plans for one I could have a photocopy of or maybe a company that sells 
plans for such a thing?
   A US based company would be best.
Whats a Pinninfarina Magnette Mk. III?
Look up:  and find out!

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