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Re: Body rotisserie

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Subject: Re: Body rotisserie
From: "Don Markham" <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 21:06:47 -0400
Check out this web page, I haven't  built one yet, but it is in the plans to
get done very soon and this looks like something very simple to follow as a

Good luck
Don Markham
67 MGB GT Special

>Hey all...
>   I'm looking to buy/build a body rotator for my MG Pinninfarina Magnette
>III.  I want to bee able to turn it upside down, remove all the underbody
>sealer, weld it up, etc.  I've seen versions that turn the car only part
>around, for about $500 assembled... But I want one that turns all the way
>around and I could maybe build myself for less.... Anyone have a magazine
>with plans for one I could have a photocopy of or maybe a company that
>plans for such a thing?
>   A US based company would be best.
>      John
>Whats a Pinninfarina Magnette Mk. III?
>Look up:  and find out!

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