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Carlisle - Return and ?

Subject: Carlisle - Return and ?
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 13:00:02 EDT
          Mine was on the fun show field too,, It was the Tahiti Blue MGB V8 
with the C bonnet. I also showed up late and missed the meeting. But,, I did 
get a nice new steering wheel, and numerous other parts that shot me over my 
budget. And all those Land Rovers across from us gave me some really radical 
ideas,,  but they were left intact.
          As for the trip out and back from Monmouth County NJ via the Penn 
Turnpike, I didn't see any MG's on the trip. Not even on the side of the 
road. I had 2 great days there. have the sun burn to prove it too. My trunk 
was packed as tight as I dare without bending it. Had a good time in the 
RoadHouse Cafe too, I think it is also known as the Heffer House, why,, you 
could only know if you showed up there.
           And that women from Cheyenne,,, I plead the 5th, I know nothing 
about it, I was drunk and don't remember a thing :),, hope that excuse works 
where it has too. Ian Pender was on his best behavior,, that is for Ian 
          Good to see Mike Robson, David D, Sue and Dave Blackwell, Rick 
Boris, Dave Houser, and many I can't remember their names, also,, excuse me 
if I get them wrong. As I am getting older and forgetful.
          There were lots of really kewl cars there, to all of you who 
couldn't make it, you missed a great weekend there. Especially the Silver B 
with chopped windscreen, flared fenders, and Mazda rotary engine. What a job 
this guy did !!
          Back to work for me so I can pay for my Carlisle Weekend. 

Jim Brucato
Aka: MgbV8Fun
1980  MGB V8
1964  MGB

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