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Re: Carlisle - Return and ?

Subject: Re: Carlisle - Return and ?
From: "Dan Dwelley" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:31:04 PDT
I saw the silver B! That was a really nice looking car!
I saw yours as well. Some people were calling to their friends saying "look
at this MGC" while I was looking at it.

Dan Dwelley
77 Midget
Alexandria, Va.

On Mon, 17 May 1999 13:00:02 EDT, wrote:

>           Mine was on the fun show field too,, It was the Tahiti Blue MGB
> with the C bonnet. I also showed up late and missed the meeting. But,, I
> get a nice new steering wheel, and numerous other parts that shot me over
> budget. And all those Land Rovers across from us gave me some really
> ideas,,  but they were left intact.
>           As for the trip out and back from Monmouth County NJ via the
> Turnpike, I didn't see any MG's on the trip. Not even on the side of the 
> road. I had 2 great days there. have the sun burn to prove it too. My
> was packed as tight as I dare without bending it. Had a good time in the 
> RoadHouse Cafe too, I think it is also known as the Heffer House, why,,
> could only know if you showed up there.
>            And that women from Cheyenne,,, I plead the 5th, I know nothing

> about it, I was drunk and don't remember a thing :),, hope that excuse
> where it has too. Ian Pender was on his best behavior,, that is for Ian 
> anyway. 
>           Good to see Mike Robson, David D, Sue and Dave Blackwell, Rick 
> Boris, Dave Houser, and many I can't remember their names, also,, excuse
> if I get them wrong. As I am getting older and forgetful.
>           There were lots of really kewl cars there, to all of you who 
> couldn't make it, you missed a great weekend there. Especially the Silver
> with chopped windscreen, flared fenders, and Mazda rotary engine. What a
> this guy did !!
>           Back to work for me so I can pay for my Carlisle Weekend. 
> Jim Brucato
> Aka: MgbV8Fun
> 1980  MGB V8
> 1964  MGB

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