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Re: Oil flow problem

Subject: Re: Oil flow problem
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 22:12:09 GMT
>Please help.  I have a '77 B and recently did an oil change and replaced the
>oil filter.  Ever since, when the engine is turned on, oil literally pours
>out of the oil filter head from under the filter.  When the engine is off,
>there is no leak at all.  I replaced the filter again twice to see if the
>filter itself or the way I screwed it on was the problem but it doesn't seem
>to be.  I have owned the car for 17 years and have always done the oil
>changes on it.  Is there a way of troubleshooting this problem?  Any help is
>greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
>Dallas, TX


If you've already looked for this as a cause, please pardon my suggesting
the ridiculously simple, but is it possible that the seal from the old oil
filter is still stuck on the mating surface? Barring that, perhaps a thread
problem preventing the oil filter from screwing all the way down?


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