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cooling fans, switches, Ammeter

To: MG list <>
Subject: cooling fans, switches, Ammeter
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 21:48:28 -0400
easy first-  Ammeters are dangerous, as (almost) all the operating
amperage for the car must pass through the gauge. Not used in modern
cars for this reason.

Volt meters are very safe, of more value, matching gauge from Jag XJ6
from a parts swap salvage yard $5.00-30.00. Dial is slightly gray, not
black. Earlier B's can use a voltmeter from a TR6. Any "ignition hot"
wire plus ground to wire.

Harder question, cooling fans. 1977-79 MGB thermoswitch turns the fans
on sooner than the 1980. '80 has a higher operating temp to make the
polution gear work better, not to prolong engine life. Rubber mounting
gasket for '77-79 is a "one time use", 2nd time it may not hold.

Granger sells a 12V fan motor, same size as the MGB fan motor for
$40-50.00. Needs a piece of brake line 1-1/2" long to make the shaft
diameter match the plastic fan.

Speed shops, Summit, J C Whitney, etc sell 16" electric fans for under
$90.00 that will fit a B radiator. Install behind the radiator, let it
rest on the sway bar, 2 strips of metal from the fan to radiator shell
to mount, add a relay so the 20-30 amps does not have to go thru the fan
switch. 12 or 14" fans for less money will probably work just fine.

Jim Stuart

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