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Re: Timing gears from MOSS... BAD!!!boundary="------------E23F1F226E0EDA

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Subject: Re: Timing gears from MOSS... BAD!!!boundary="------------E23F1F226E0EDAA0C705293F"
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Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 16:48:58 -0700

Now that you've alerted us all to the problem, can you finish the story and
tell us what the folks at Moss said when you brought this problem to their
attention, and whether they refunded your money without any argument?

British Sportscar Center
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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 9:33 AM
Subject: Timing gears from MOSS...

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>I wonder if anyone else has come up against this problem.  I am in the
>midst of rebuilding a 67 MGB engine.  The timing gears and chain
>supplied by MOSS where made in India and Taiwan.  These gears barley
>pass a visual inspection.  The machine work looks very crude.  On
>installation the crank gear just slipped right on.  I can clunk it back
>and forth and up and down!!!!  The Cam gear once installed was 10 off
>TDC!!  and had over .015 runout!!  I ended up purchasing the Kent
>kit...  The Kent parts fit just fine..  The quality of the gears and
>parts in the Kent kit are superb!!  I am very disappointed in MOSS for
>selling such garbage.  I have no intention of of having my engine, that
>I just spent considerable time and money on, fail because of a $30
>part..   Any comments and experiences on this would be appreciated.  I
>cant believe MOSS would sell such crap and expect people to build
>engines with these obviously inferior ill fitting parts.
>67 MGB
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