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Re: Rear Axle

Subject: Re: Rear Axle
From: "Mike Venables" <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 01:13:02 PDT
Matt, I noticed this on my car shortly after I bought it.  When rotated back 
and forth, the was a "rough" spot.  This concerned me as I thought that the 
splines might be damaged, the car ran OK otherwise.  I later found that I 
had virtually no oil in the diff.  I put this rough spot down to the diff 
operation but I haven't re-cheched to see if that rough spot is still there. 
  This is one year down the line and no siezed bearings yet.

'73BGT - daily driver wrote...
>I didn't receive any input the first time around... please help!
>Hi All-
>I recently had the rear end of my '72 B in the air and rotated hub back and
>forth about a quarter of a turn.  When reversing directions, there was a
>"rough" spot that felt like portion(s) of a ball bearing or two were
>missing.  The car goes down the road fine... but I suspect not for long!
>Any and all guidance would be greatly appreciated,

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