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RE: Oil pouring out from oil filter head

To: Jason Dutt <>,,
Subject: RE: Oil pouring out from oil filter head
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:06:51 EDT
Thanks very much for replying.  Seems you are correct.  In this case it was 
the DCO "Dumb Current Owner" who cross threaded the shaft.  I guess it was 
denial that made me rule that out without checking.  Now I'm replacing the 
filter head, but can't seem to get the metal oil pipe loose from it, as if it 
was glued on.  Maybe a machine shop will have more luck.  Anyway, thanks 
again for solving my problem.

By the way, I got six thoughtful responses from the MG list in less than 24 
hours, covering every possibility.  Maybe I can return the favor someday :). 
I've done just about everything to the car myself from rebuilding the 
carburetor to replacing the top and installing a new dash and thought I was 
beyond stripping threads.

Now about that servo...

DCO (John)

Btw:  The list rocks!  Power to the list!

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