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Back from the great beyond...

Subject: Back from the great beyond...
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 12:16:53 EDT
Hello all,

I promised that I'd be back when things settled down, and here I am...I 
really did miss the occasional wit and ever-present wisdom of the list during 
my hiatus;  I'm glad to be back!

The 'B did pretty well after it was explained to me that my cap, wires, and 
rotor needed to be changed.  They had about 6k miles on them, but they were 
over two years old.  New parts, and I was back in business.

I managed to graduate from college in that time frame too.  Any public school 
administrators out there, looking for teachers?

On my trip back to PA yesterday, I was pulled by a cop for doing 69 in a 55.  
Earlier in the month, my speedo stopped working, so I showed him the problem 
by pulling the speedo from the dash, removing the guts and showing him the 
stripped part...And he only wrote me a $60 ticket for defective equipment.  
If I were closer, I'd contest it, but at least I don't get any points on my 

So, now the MGB gets a little break.  I'm starting work on my other car soon, 
so the MGB will continue to be driven, but the flow of new parts will also 
slow (unless something catastrophic happens.)  After this summer, I'll 
probably slowly start tearing her down to get a rebuilt engine, tranny, and 
rear end, followed by some bodywork and a paint job.  

I'm glad to be back...So, when's Carlisle?  <VBG>

Mike Lishego
1974 MGB
1986 Plymouth Turismo

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