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Subject: Pie-in-the-sky
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 12:37:49 -0400
          The ad below was copied directly from the MG Cars website - 'USA 
          - Cars for Sale'
          If there are no takers, do you think he'd be willing to part it 
          out??  I hear you can make more that way!  And while I'm using up 
          the bandwith - do you suppose "stealth" means in the trunk - what 
          about the spare?  For 31K I'd be expecting at least a spare!
          Dr. Doug 
          Mint 1966 Showcar 
          Perfect MGB with only 6800 miles. Titled as TMU. Everthing on car 
          is as original
          MG was restored to factory condition with only NOS parts and 
          sheet metal.
          Very clean and has an Alpine CD player with MB Quarts speakers 
          and Alpine
          Amps intergrated into car body to be stealth. (Car has been in 
          Mobile Sound
          Magazine for the stereo and install.) Only serious offers please.
          $31,000 or best offer.
          Contact: Andrew Rizer <>
          Newton, MA 02195, Massachusetts, USA
          Advert placed 17-May-1999 at 04:38 (UK time) Advert expires 

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