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RE: foaming oil - a bit long

Subject: RE: foaming oil - a bit long
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:44:48 -0600
Foaming oil is a symptom of water in the oil.  This can be caused by coolant
leaking into the engine (bad head gasket, or a crack in the head or block,
etc); or, as some report, it could be caused by condensation.

Apparently with damp conditions condensation can occur inside your engine
block if your car sits for a while and the temp goes from warm to cool.  If
you check your oil, and haven't driven very far, the water won't evaporate
out.  The further you drive the less likely you will see the foaming oil.

Larry Hoy, Denver, CO USA
1970 MGB Daily Driver ~ 1967 MGB Vintage Racer ~ 1969 MGB Undergoing V8

> I checked my oil when I filled up the tank this morning (praying for lower
> prices) and noticed that once again the oil on the dipstick was foamy.
Its been
> like this off and on for a few months.  What might cause this?

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