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foaming oil - a bit long

Subject: foaming oil - a bit long
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 10:13:09 -0700

Howdy -- I am new to this list, but in the last few days that I have been
watching it it has struck me as a very useful resource!!

I have had my 74.5 B for jst over a year now, and it has been running most of
that time (it took a 6 week vacation last fall) and is in pretty good shape
other than the exhaust being blown, the carbs out of tune, the turn indicator
flashers not flashing, it needing a bath, etc -- good enough shape that it gets
me to work every day rather than my bicycle.

Anyway - I enjoy working on it, but I do have very much experience with cars, so
I have some rather general questions from time to time.  Now is one of those

I checked my oil when I filled up the tank this morning (praying for lower gas
prices) and noticed that once again the oil on the dipstick was foamy.  Its been
like this off and on for a few months.  What might cause this?  The car is
running a little warmer than usual, just to the left of the center rather than
sort of a third of the way, but it is not across the center.  I attribute the
extra heat to a heater valve which drips so the water level is not what it might
be, but what do I know?  The oil is the same stuff I have been using the whole
time, Penzzoil GT Performance 20W-50, and it was down maybe 1/3 quart from the
max line (my oil pan leaks thanks to me trying to replace it without lifting the

Any ideas most appreciated!

Bart Niswonger

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