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Re: New MGB

To: don <>
Subject: Re: New MGB
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 20:49:36 -0400
Hi all,

After all these years, I finally found the trick to getting those retaining
rings in.  There's a small chamfer (sloping edge) at the outside edge of the
holes for the pistons.  If I lightly sand (600 grit or finer) these chamfered
edges to smooth the corners, the retaining rings slide right in... well...
compared to how they used to go in.  I use a large pair of water pump pliers,
with the jaws adjusted to be parallel, to gently press the rings in on
alternating sides of the hole.

Before I discovered the sanding trick, I'd gently pry the old rings out with a
large, flat-bladed screwdriver.  The I could straighten out the screwdriver
divots, clean them up, and re-use them.  With eight rings at my disposal, I
could usually end up with four fairly flat ones holding the seals in.  Usually. 

Denise Thorpe

don wrote:
> Short of buying a new caliper, you can, with patience, rebuild your
> calipers.  Over the years they get full of muck and the pistons drag.  Kits
> are available with the rubber seals.  You can use compressed air to get them
> apart and reassemble with brake rubber lube.  I've done this job several
> times and have always had them work fine.  If you take this route, get an
> extra kit or two in case you bend the little metal retainers that hold the
> outer rubber seals.
> Don Scott

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