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From: Noah Glassberg <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 18:10:21 -0700
        Hello all.  I've been lurking the list for a scant few days now
after a long 5 year hiatus from the last time I was subscribed.  At that
time, I was but a young lad in a 1974 pre rubber bumper Midget living in
Boston MA.  I've since moved on, now living in noticeably warmer but
perceptively colder (if you've been, ya know what I mean) San Francisco and
matured into a '67  MGBGT.  I've had the lass for about a year now and have
been having the usual love hate relationship that only British cars can
provide.  The thing's not perfect.  In fact I'd call it somewhat ugly... the
paint is faded, the front is a touch crushed (damn city parking), no panel
is spared from at least a small ding or scratch (including the roof), rust
is beginning to rear it's ugly little head, the headliner looks like a cat
had it's way with it, the seats are mangled, the wire wheels are not pretty
with multiple tire brands all around...  I could go on.  But oh, does she
have a big heart.  Rarely does she ever not start (well, not counting the
current generator failure then subsequent battery death, and of course the
time I had to lay her up for a week before I had time to get a new wire
wheel to replace the one that was about to collapse).  And if left to sit
for a spell (read long time) she is always willing to start right up.  Other
than that, she's been a pleasure.  
        Unfortunately, not too long ago, some @#$%'*&^ you know what broke
my vent window looking for something to steal.  Yes, I was an idiot for
leaving my tools in the car, but you couldn't even tell they were in there.
Really.  But I digress.  So the person broke my vent window and I have to
tell you, I've been having trouble trying to find one.  So my question...
anyone out there know of a GT vent window for sale?  I don't need the trim
(no the person was kind enough to leave that intact).  Just the glass.  Any
help would be most appreciated...

Noah Glassberg
1967 MGBGT

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