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Re: DCO's and Suspension Woes (Hey, I'm a poet!)

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Subject: Re: DCO's and Suspension Woes (Hey, I'm a poet!)
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Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 18:09:21 -0700
Jason, before you get your knickers in a twist, let me add a voice of
disagreement to the consensus! I walked around the shop and tried seven
different cars. When the fender was lifted upwards as high as I could pull
it and then released, in each case it settled back to a point about an inch
higher than it had started. If I then pushed down, it went back to its
original position. So, I think the stickiness you are noticing is a
perfectly natural phenomenon, attributable to the vagaries of British
Suspension Design 101. (Actually, I doubt they got past suspension design
13, but that's purely a surmise on my part..........)

British Sportscar Center
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Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 8:18 AM
Subject: DCO's and Suspension Woes (Hey, I'm a poet!)

>> I've done just about everything to the car myself from rebuilding the
>> carburetor to replacing the top and installing a new dash and
>> thought I was
>> beyond stripping threads.
>John, I couldn't relate more.  It amazes me sometimes how much I've really
>done (successfully, mind you) myself on my car, and yet still manage to
>screw up some of the dumbest, simplest things.  It's a great way of keeping
>yourself humble.
>Now, about that suspension... <g>
>I did get a single response from this (thanks Denise), but just wanted to
>post it again to see if there were any more thoughts before I attacked it.
>My newly rebuilt suspension is sticky, especially in the front.  I can pull
>up on the wheel well and it will stay up about an inch from it's original
>position.  Same thing happens if I lift the car.  When I set it down, the
>ride height is about an inch higher in the front than when I lifted it.
>After I drive around the block, it settles back down.  I've checked with
>several sources and the general concensus is that it should never stick
>that.  Any suggestions?

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