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Subject: Starter
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 10:50:35 EDT
<<When I went to pick up the flywheel, the shop had a 4-synchro 
OD tranny sitting on the floor, so I took that instead (plus a different 
flywheel, backplate and starter). Haven't had any problems since with the 
late model starter. >>

The pre-engaged later starter is better, and I believe has a higher torque 
than the old style used on the on synch gear box, and you won't be gradually 
grinding teeth of the ring gear (a pain in a race engine where you have spent 
good money getting a zero balance and immediately start to unbalance it when 
you run it).

As I much prefer the early non synch close ratio gear box for racing, in my 
A, I craftily grafted a later pre-engaged starter to that, to get the best of 
both worlds. If you have an A, though, be warned that the later B starter 
won't do it - the solenoid fouls the frame.

Bill S.

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