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Sticky Suspension

Subject: Sticky Suspension
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 10:50:37 EDT
<<When I set it down, the
>ride height is about an inch higher in the front than when I lifted it.
>After I drive around the block, it settles back down.  I've checked with
>several sources and the general concensus is that it should never stick
>that.  Any suggestions?>>

It is quite normal for a car with rubber in the suspension to do this, and is 
a result of both the resistance of the rubber bushings and perhaps the slight 
misalignment of the suspension itself.

You would be amazed and disgusted at how the stock suspension members are 
manufactured. With rubber bushes at the pivots, it really doesn't matter 
much, but when you replace these bushes with solid ones, usually of a 
synthetic like Delrin, any misalignment becomes pretty important.

It can be so bad that I have seen one race car that had to go through about 6 
A arms to get one that worked - he put solid bushes in, and the suspension 
just locked up solid - wouldn't move at all, with the pivot points way out of 
line. I think he had to eventually cut and reweld the mounts on the A arm to 
get one to work.


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