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RE: Sticky Suspension

Subject: RE: Sticky Suspension
From: Dan Pockrus <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 09:57:23 -0500
> You would be amazed and disgusted at how the stock suspension 
> members are 
> manufactured. With rubber bushes at the pivots, it really 
> doesn't matter 
> much, but when you replace these bushes with solid ones, usually of a 
> synthetic like Delrin, any misalignment becomes pretty important.

        Since we're talking about synthetic bushes here ....

        I've got a full Nylatron rear bush setup from Moss awaiting install.
I've noticed in other posts regarding urethane replacements that lube is
necessary when using urethane to avoid squeaking. Is any sort of lube
required when using Nylatron? Am I making a mistake by putting Nylatron
bushes on a street-driven car?

Dan Pockrus
'74B in faded Citron

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