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Who wants a Pertronix?

To: "" <>,
Subject: Who wants a Pertronix?
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 03:33:11 -0400
  I find myself with a brand new never installed
Pertronix Ignitor. This is LU-141, for Midget 1500s
and MGBs with original electronic ignition.

  New, in box. I bought one for my Midget, used
it for 2.5 years, then it broke. It was still
under warranty, so I mailed it away and installed
a spare Crane I had sitting around.

  I got a new one from Pertronix as a replacement,
but the Crane is installed and working fine so
I'm happy to just leave it be and sell the Pertronix.

  As for the rest of the stuff I had for sale
recently, the 1970MGB is gone, the Rover V8 is
still there, and about half of the 2000 pounds of
Midget stuff is still here. Full list on my
web site.

Trevor Boicey, P. Eng.
Ottawa, Canada,
ICQ #17432933
"Meteorite. Meteorite. Oh. Ok." - Ajax

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