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Carb swap questions

Subject: Carb swap questions
From: Steve Shoyer <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 00:45:25 -0400
I'm buying a pair of HIF4 carbs (AUD 550F).  The story is that they were
rebuilt 10 years ago but never installed and have just been sitting around.
 I have a 1980 B with a Weber DGV.  The questions:

1) What else will I need?  I think I'll need a new intake manifold at the
2) If the carbs haven't been used since a rebuild 10 years ago, what are
the odds that they'll work without needing a rebuild (and how can I tell if
thay're OK)?
3) Will this improve my performance or am I just wasting my time/energy/money?
4) Assuming they're OK, what are the carbs really worth?

After the most recent carb discussion I got the impression that the HIF4
was a good way to go.  I haven't had problems with the Weber, but the price
seemed too good to pass up.

Thanks; if I decide to try installing them, I'm sure I'll have more questions.

--Steve Shoyer (1980 MGB)

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