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Re: Clutch Throw Out Bearing

Subject: Re: Clutch Throw Out Bearing
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 17:12:33 -0400 (EDT)
Both of those habits that you mention are extremely bad habits, especially
holding it on a hill with the clutch. Did you drive the car for its first
twenty-five years? It's possible, even likely, that the replacement
throw-out bearing was not of as high a quality as the original, but no
matter what the make of vehicle, if someone did those two things regularly,
I wouldn't be surprised if they needed clutch work within two or three


>Ok, I need some second and third opinions on this one.......
>A year ago I had a new clutch put in my 1972 B.  2 weeks ago the throw out
>bearing went out.  The guy at the shop said that the clutch had been used as
>a foot rest.  Sure, there were times driving it where the car was drivin
>with the foot being held up just in front of the clutch pedal and when on a
>hill at a stop light where the clutch was partially disengaged with some
>throttle to hold the car in place.  But how could the bearing have worn all
>the way through in just over a year when the first clutch lasted 25 years?
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