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Re: Clutch Throw Out Bearing

To: Brent Beermann <>, mglist <>
Subject: Re: Clutch Throw Out Bearing
From: David Lynes <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 21:22:16 -0400

I had two throw out bearings go bad on me in short succession, much less than a
year.  It isn't your pedal habits that have worn it out so fast, I found it was
the play in worn related parts that has caused most of my problems.

Check the slave cylinder push rod for ovaling in the inside the head, and
replace it.  Check the pivot bolt and bushing on the clutch lever, you will
probably find a lot of wear here too.  Too much play in these other parts tends
to multiply the wear on the throw out bearing and the adjoining pressure plate

(They told me the same thing... Check for the wear, and keep driving it as you

David Lynes, Woodstock, GA
73 Midget
78 MGB

Brent Beermann wrote:

> Ok, I need some second and third opinions on this one.......
> A year ago I had a new clutch put in my 1972 B.  2 weeks ago the throw out
> bearing went out.  The guy at the shop said that the clutch had been used as
> a foot rest.  Sure, there were times driving it where the car was drivin
> with the foot being held up just in front of the clutch pedal and when on a
> hill at a stop light where the clutch was partially disengaged with some
> throttle to hold the car in place.  But how could the bearing have worn all
> the way through in just over a year when the first clutch lasted 25 years?
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