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RE: Seat Belt Question

Subject: RE: Seat Belt Question
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:52:45 -0700

Along these lines, does anyone have a good source for 3-point belts for a 74.5
B?  Some PO in lap belts (one in the "back seat" too), and I would like very
much to replace them with safer (and more original?) belts.



Best advice on a life-safety piece of equipment is to replace them, do not
try to repair them.  The seat belt manufacturer Kangol had a recall several
years ago, due to the fact that some would not extend after retracting, and
some would not lock in a crash!!

My TR7 did the later.  Check the manufact. of your belts-you may be eligible
for FREE brand new replacement belts (like I got!)


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> Listers,
> A friend dropped off his '79 B today saying his wife wont drive it if the
> seat belts don't work. They recoil into a box behind the seat, and no
> tugging will allow them to come out. So I guess I'm the fixer guy....So
> now
> that I own a "B" again, I'm supposed to be the expert??
> Anyone have any experience with this, I ask BEFORE I even look at it.
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