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Re: Seat Belt Question

Subject: Re: Seat Belt Question
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 19:05:18 -0700 wrote:
> >Best advice on a life-safety piece of equipment is to replace them, do not
> >try to repair them.  The seat belt manufacturer Kangol had a recall several
> >years ago, due to the fact that some would not extend after retracting, and
> >some would not lock in a crash!!
> >
> >My TR7 did the later.  Check the manufact. of your belts-you may be eligible
> >for FREE brand new replacement belts (like I got!)
> >
> >Perry
> >
> You actually GOT them!? It's Triumph favoritism, I say! (Not that I don't
> like TR's, but I own an MG now...). I sent them a letter about six months
> ago, heard absolutely nothing yet. I suspect they would rather not deal
> with it, except that Kangoi is the recalling company, and Rover/Jaguar (or
> whoever has it now) is probably getting paid a handling fee for every pair
> of belts they send out...who else has gotten them, and where did you
> send/call?

I got mine when I had the 78 Midget - took about 6 months - sorry dont
remember where I called but no matter it has since changed anyway. I
never installed them in the Midget but they are now in my 74 BGT.


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