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Re: Carlisle / what's next

Subject: Re: Carlisle / what's next
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 18:59:36 -0500 (CDT)

>> Scott Hower did remarkably well under the barrage of
>> criticism of his car! (wrong door trims! dings all
>> over! hehe) 
>  Hmm.. I suppose 'Ding' is a relative term. If my
>  car had 'dings' then David D's had craters.   #;)
>> I cant believe he hasnt mentioned it yet but the
>> dumb-ugly-SOB-(Macy) won the
>> bloody car in the raffle!!! The programme said it
>> was worth 24 grand!!
>> c'mon Larry - fess up - how are you gonna look in an
>> ersatz ferrari!!
>  Way to go Larry!  
> --Scott
> (who is kicking himself for not picking up those
>  Cibie E-codes he found $35/pr)
>Scott Hower ->

Oh wow Scott,

I took it easy on you about your car and this is the thanks I get. It was 
another Carlisle 
weekend to remember. Great seeing all my good friends. As for Larry's car: yes 
he is the winner 
and he would be crazy to give this car to his child. Next stop is Connecticut 
MG Car Club's 
"British by the Sea" on June 6th. Mike Robson and I are going to be there and 
we were making 
some good progress on convincing Larry Macy to come along. Any and all 
interested in joining us 
on a fun run up via Merrit Parkway let me know and we'll arrange a good meet up 
location at one 
of them service areas along the way. I hear that this show pulls 200+ car but 
it will be my 
first time attending. Let's keep the cars rolling and make this another event 
to meet your MG 
list friends. 

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch  

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