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Re: Head off -- any advice?

Subject: Re: Head off -- any advice?
From: Art Pfenninger <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 21:14:29 -0400 (EDT)
Well I wouldn't go so far as to say throw out the Haynes, if it were a
Chiltons I would agree. You don't need to remove the carbs and this will
save you some time. Before putting on the new gasket spray it with
Permatex Copper spray gasket. It will help to seal it as well as spread
the heat. Check around to find a copper gasket. I think VB has them for
about $25 dollars. I was disapointed with one I got from Moss, it wasn't
copper. They had a copper one but as I recall it was almost $50 dollars.

On Thu, 20 May 1999, DENNIS COX wrote:

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> Yea... First thing, Throw away the Haynes manual.  The reason you chamfer the
> stud holes is that the top threds will pull out..  If you run your finger over
> the holes you will feel that they may be raised above the surface of the deck.
> I use a counter sink bit on an electric drill.  Use some oil on the bit and
> stuff rags in the bores, etc...
> Simon Matthews wrote:
> > For the first time, I am going to remove the head from my MGA in an attempt
> > to cure the leaking head gasket.
> >
> > So any advice? Things to watch out for? I have Haynes and factory manuals,
> > but is there anything not documented in these?
> >
> > I have heard that one should chamfer the stud holes -- with what? How do I
> > stop metal particles going into the bores?
> >
> > Simon
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