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Re: MGA coupe Rear window

Subject: Re: MGA coupe Rear window
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 22:41:07 +0000
>David, how about taking photos of your rear window project and submitting them 
>to us along with a brief description of what in hell it is that you're doing 
>so that we can run them in a future issue?


Greg Perigo
MG Magazine

A good idea. However, as it turns out there was no time for the camera.
We were both too busy trying to take out and then put back the glass and
chrome trim surround. It took 3.5 hours to complete!
Never want to do that again. My friend who helped works for an auto
windshield installer. Last time he was over I thought would be the last.
That time we put the front and rear glass into my 67 BGT!
That front chrome was the worst! Still haven't gotten the bottom strip
in as Moss' has the wrong shape. Got a good one from Canada.
Never saw the procedure with the string in the gasket tried before. What
a job that must have been at the factory. My buddy thought we should put
the chrome surround into the gasket before offering it up to the rear
windhield area, but we put it in after we secured the glass back into
the body. 
Here's the kicker...
I found a new gasket for the rear from Macgregor in Canada. I also
somewhere along the way found a new old stock gasket and had it above my
garage. After trying to get the glass into the new one we had the
vertical rubber pieces separate from the rest of the gasket. The glue
let go! Unfortunate joining process that I will let them know of.(Anyone
else have probs. with their gasket?).
Well, what to do. I get the NOS one that is covered in a white dried
waxy substance that has kept the rubber flexible all this time. Went
together much better and faster. Vertical channels never separated and
they were wider than the copy, which you'd need once the glass curves to
meet the body. This gasket could have been thirty plus years old!!
All I have to do is clean off the white crud and the rubber underneath
shines. We added a urethane sealant, so this guy will never leak and
probably never come out again, too.
Dave Houser

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