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Re: Midgets All Over the Place

Subject: Re: Midgets All Over the Place
From: Carl Elliott <>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 19:25:50 -0400
All right, Our kind of people. Eat, sleep and drink MGs.  Carl E. wrote:

> Allen Hefner wrote:
> <<<Kim, this has all the signs of being an addiction!  Have you considered
> joining LBCs Anonymous?  "Hello, my name is Kim, and I'm a mechanic."
> I noticed that you don't list your cars in your signature!  You probably
> don't have enough room.
> (Please, this is not a putdown of AA.  Just Kim :-).  No flames!  We are all
> addicted.)
> Allen Hefner>>>
> What do you mean? I don't have a problem. I can quit anytime I want. That
> twitching every time I see an MG for sale means nothing.  Just because Moss,
> Victoria British, Triple-C, Brit Books, British Motor Classics, Just Brits,
> NAMGBR, and University Motors come before Police/Fire or Mom & Dad on my
> speed dial is irrelevant. Drinking Guiness so it won't matter if I get mixed
> up and grab a bottle of 20W50 by mistake is perfectly normal. Having
> memorized all the VIN numbers on my MGs but not knowing the plate number on
> our Chevy happens to a lot of people. Lots of weddings are just like ours and
> have an MGB limousine in them. Umm  er ahh ...
> Let me start that again.
> My name is Kim, and I'm an MGaholic ...
> Kim Tonry
> Downers Grove, Illinois (If we'd bought a house in Morton Grove - we could
> say we were in MG, Illinois!)
> '59 MGA, '65 Midget, '69 Midget, '69 Midget, '73 BGT, '79 Midget

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