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Last post for a while

Subject: Last post for a while
From: "Ben Carufel" <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 09:26:30 PDT
Hi again listers.

I haven't posted in a few months as I have been really busy...well, now with 
the coming of summer vacation (woohoo!) I am going to be at my house(s) no 
more than 2 weeks total during the summer. I will be spending one week at a 
boy scout camp, two in Anchorage, Alaska, and 4.5 in Finland. So I am 
signing off the list for a few months. I have been working quite a bit 
lately on my photography website, and would appreciate if you took a look at 
it: If that doesn't work, try it's mirror at Thanks.
Also, please check out, if you have time, my long unupdated MG page:, and the San Diego MG Club page: I hope 
you do have time to check these out. I will probably update my MG page once 
more before I leave for summer vacations. Here is a rundown of my MG 
activities of late:

You remember in February I was considering buying an MG that was located in 
Atascadero, California, or about 6 hours by car from here. Well, I decided 
against that, then went to look at a BGT at a local car repair place. It was 
a piece of junk. I think after that I just decided that the perfect MG would 
have to come to me. One did, it seems, a month ago. It is a '69 MGCGT, 
perfectly restored (just needs paint), but in a million pieces. The owner, a 
good friend of mine from the SD MG Club, wants 1k for it. Not bad, in my 
opinion. I am, however, short on cash as I just purchased a new camera (A 
Canon EOS 630 for those who are interested). That dang camera cost me 450$!! 
A good deal, though. So, am trying to sell my photos, and trying at the same 
time to keep my MG want alive. We'll see.
I will stick around the list here at hotmail for a few weeks, but I have 
cancelled my subscription at my home account. Since my parents got divorced 
a month or so ago, I have been very busy trying to get my dad's apartment to 
look good. And mom just sold the house a week ago, so we have to move to 
another apartment. Oh well. Please do check out those links, though, and 
send me any comments. Also, if any of you have not read my article in the 
January issue of MG world, please check it out at

thanks for being good friends,

Ben Carufel

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