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Re: Last post for a while

Subject: Re: Last post for a while
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 22:54:24 EDT
Take care Ben - Cn't wait to see the pics from Alaska.


On 5/22/99 12:26 PM so and so (Ben Carufel) said. (And I quote:)

>Hi again listers.
>I haven't posted in a few months as I have been really busy...well, now with 
>the coming of summer vacation (woohoo!) I am going to be at my house(s) no 
>more than 2 weeks total during the summer. I will be spending one week at a 
>boy scout camp, two in Anchorage, Alaska, and 4.5 in Finland. So I am 
>signing off the list for a few months. I have been working quite a bit 
>lately on my photography website, and would appreciate if you took a look at 
>it: If that doesn't work, try it's mirror at 
> Thanks.
>Also, please check out, if you have time, my long unupdated MG page: 
>, and the San Diego MG Club page: I hope 
>you do have time to check these out. I will probably update my MG page once 
>more before I leave for summer vacations. Here is a rundown of my MG 
>activities of late:
>You remember in February I was considering buying an MG that was located in 
>Atascadero, California, or about 6 hours by car from here. Well, I decided 
>against that, then went to look at a BGT at a local car repair place. It was 
>a piece of junk. I think after that I just decided that the perfect MG would 
>have to come to me. One did, it seems, a month ago. It is a '69 MGCGT, 
>perfectly restored (just needs paint), but in a million pieces. The owner, a 
>good friend of mine from the SD MG Club, wants 1k for it. Not bad, in my 
>opinion. I am, however, short on cash as I just purchased a new camera (A 
>Canon EOS 630 for those who are interested). That dang camera cost me 450$!! 
>A good deal, though. So, am trying to sell my photos, and trying at the same 
>time to keep my MG want alive. We'll see.
>I will stick around the list here at hotmail for a few weeks, but I have 
>cancelled my subscription at my home account. Since my parents got divorced 
>a month or so ago, I have been very busy trying to get my dad's apartment to 
>look good. And mom just sold the house a week ago, so we have to move to 
>another apartment. Oh well. Please do check out those links, though, and 
>send me any comments. Also, if any of you have not read my article in the 
>January issue of MG world, please check it out at 
>thanks for being good friends,
>Ben Carufel

Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up.

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